barrel kits for disk extremes

barrel kits for disk extremes

Postby Tooth shucker » June 17th, 2013, 3:59 pm

So am looking at pulling the trigger on a .50 or .52 caliber disk extreme. I know that there are barrel kits available. My understanding in talking to one of the customer service guys is that with the barrel kit, you could have one gun, and the barrels/calibers will work on the one gun. Has anybody here done this? How did it work out? Any input appreciated. Thanks
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Re: barrel kits for disk extremes

Postby GMB54-120 » June 18th, 2013, 3:24 pm

Swapping barrels is simple as long as they have the same style recoil lug. I think most of the new stocks fit either lug type. I swapped several Extreme based barrels and ive even put a LRH barrel into a Elite stock.
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Re: barrel kits for disk extremes

Postby sourdough44 » July 17th, 2013, 3:36 pm

The easiest option is to take care of the gun you get, clean it well after shooting. I think 'barrel kits' are usually bought when one's gun becomes rusty. Just clean after shooting & leave a light oil coat until your nest session. That's my 2 cents.
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