black mz with #11 caps


black mz with #11 caps

Postby huntinmanchris » March 2nd, 2012, 9:03 pm

anyone tried black mz with #11 caps, 290 gr tmz,
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Re: black mz with #11 caps

Postby sabotloader » August 15th, 2012, 8:41 am

huntinmanchris wrote:anyone tried black mz with #11 caps, 290 gr tmz,

It will shoot with caps. It is really nothing and infact it is made by APP (American Pioneer Powder). Black MZ and Jim Shockey Gold Super powder basically the same powder.

I did do some testing of this powder Shockey Gold Super, about the only difference between the new stuff and the old stuff - the new stuff is more energetic.

Might look here.. ... owder.html ... -farm.html
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Re: black mz with #11 caps

Postby Doug from Idaho » April 14th, 2014, 9:02 pm

My Son has been using the NEW Rem #11 caps (supposed to be 40% hotter) with Black MZ,.. NO problems, in his LK-93 !
I shot a 1.5 " group at 100 yards using 90 grains (actual weight ) of Black MZ (approx 110 grs by Volume) bullet; 300 gr Scorpion PT Gold (by Harvester) in a Black Harvester crush rib Sabot and using a Winch 209 pr in red fpj's .
The Gun is a Amer Knight,.. 1-28 twist, 22" long bbl. and sports a Simmons 3-9X scope (for Load testing).
In Idaho we can only use Lead Conicals or, RB's,.. NO Sabots or 209's,must be "open Breech" and no scopes unless qualify for Dr's waiver on eyes !
Our next range session, we will be shooting 460 grain, No Excuses lead, conical's with starting loads of 75 then, 80 and 85 grains (all WEIGHED charges, NOT by volume) of Black MZ.
We will chono the most accurate loads in our rifles once we find them.
I have a #11 nipple and Breech plug for hunting here, in Idaho but, hopefully trying to get an Elk tag in Utah first and will use the Scorpion load noted above with, a 1X scope.
Doug from Idaho
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Re: black mz with #11 caps

Postby Doug from Idaho » April 26th, 2014, 12:16 pm

For those of you, in States that, MUST use a lead conical (or round ball) without Sabots,..we have found that the NO Excuses 460 grain lead conical shoots very well with, Black MZ .
We were shooting 75 and 80 grains of Black MZ with small felt wads under the bullet (NOTE: by WEIGHT, on a scale,....NOT Volume) the Kick is STOUT but manageable with a slip on Limb Saver !
I Tried 85 grains (actual WEIGHED charge) but, the KICK, FIERCE,.. in a 6.5 lb gun !!
80 grains chono'd approx. 1,200 FPS in our 22" bbls and penetrated thru 6 milk jugs full of water after going thru a 1" OSB (housing floor) board !! Bullet "nose" expansion to 3/4 of an inch, no loss of weight that we could see !
We will go back next week and focus on the lighter loads,..for accuracy as, we just got done "tuning" my trigger for a shorter sear engagement,..I was flinching a tad and got 2 shots "touching" several times but never could get a real good 3 or 5 shot group due to trigger pull length !!
Did I mention I was shooting "No Excuses" Bullets,..LOL
My son shot a sub 3" (100 yard) group with a,.. peep sight !
For details about the guns and priming we use you can look at my previous "post".
We weigh all our charges and put them in tubes before, the shooting session begins, to cut down on the extreme Velocity "spreads" that you get from measuring by Volume as noted per the article in North Amer Muzzle loading's trial of Black MZ see,..
I hope this helps all you folks trying the New Blk MZ !

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