Bullet Selection for my LK93 50 cal

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Bullet Selection for my LK93 50 cal

Postby SmokyArkie » August 29th, 2012, 10:45 pm

I have an LK93 50 caliber that is hard to load. It is a good shooter with sabots and 44 mag lead solids but almost impossible to load after a couple of shots. #11 cap and 90 grains of loose black powder, FF, FFF, pyrodex pellets, nothing makes it easier. The rifling is not filled but loading is almost impossible. A brush and a few wet to dry patches and you can load again.

Tried the bore butter but it didn't seem to help. Then the power belts and found them easy to load but all over the paper (about 8 inches) from a bench rest at 50 yards. I have a TC New Englander that will go most of the morning at the range without these problems so i am stumped.

I just scoped my rifle and know sighting it in with the sabots would be almost impossible because of the loading issue but they group well and I have killed deer with them (but no blood trails).

Looking for suggestions from Knight shooters regarding a bullet combination that should be reasonably easy to load but "hunting accurate" out to 100 yards.

Also thinking about buying the Knight conversion kit and going to 209 primers. Bulk powder is getting harder to find and most stores here have stopped carrying the #11 caps.
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Re: Bullet Selection for my LK93 50 cal

Postby Sirs » November 25th, 2012, 2:52 pm

I use the powerbelts also and had the same problem as you but found out what was going on. When I first started using them I loaded them like any standard sabot or ball once seated I'd bounce the ramrod a time or 2 to make sure it was seated tight. This was where the problem was. I found when you load a powerbelt you push it in till it stops and notihng more no pounding it down to seat it tight. Once I started doing this I found out I could get all my shots to stay inside a quarter at 150 yards and had no problem loading up to 10 times before cleaning ,to be honest I'm not sure how many times I coud've kept loading it as it was still just as easy loading on shot #10 as #1. Anyway I've used powerbelts ever since and have never had a problem yet. One thing also is to buy the loading tips and use them that seems to have helped even more. The 209 primers help tons too.
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Re: Bullet Selection for my LK93 50 cal

Postby sourdough44 » November 26th, 2012, 6:07 am

I was sighting in with a guy the other week, me a Knight Elite, he a T/C. He was pushing his ram rod against the barn to try to get his sabot down the barrel. I asked him how he expected to load in a treestand?

I gave him the last of the 'crushed rib' sabots I had, matched to his .451" 45 cal bullets. These loaded much better, still a tad tight though. I later gave him some 'easy-glide' sabots. I'm sure these will load even easier, shouldn't be to easy though.

The moral is one has to try a few combinations to get the right bore fit, also some T/C guns are known to have a tighter bore than Knight. My usually is a crush rib sabot with a 45 cal bullet, excellent fit in my Knight.
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Re: Bullet Selection for my LK93 50 cal

Postby aquastang » February 6th, 2013, 12:39 am

I have always had good results with Hornady 240 or 250 XTP's over 90 grs. 777 in all of my LK-93's. If using pellets, then 2x50 gr pellets work fine. Plenty accurate out to 100 yds. and longest game taken with them for me has been 145 yds. They are not sexy, but a good value. I can usually buy a box of 240's with sabots for $10 locally.

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