45 DISC Extreme @ the Farm

45 DISC Extreme @ the Farm

Postby sabotloader » January 31st, 2014, 6:03 pm

Got a chance to run to the farm this morning for a quick shooting trip. I got the 45 Knight DISC Extreme ready yesterday installing it in a wood stock, removing the open sights, and mounting a Leupold 3x9x40 Ultimate Slam scope. I bore sighted the scope here at the house.

I chose the Leupold scope for a couple of reasons...
1. I do not have an extra Redfield Revenge Accu Ranger which would have gone on if I had one.
2. The Leupold was lighter in weight than the Bushnell 3200 Elite 3x9 that I have.

I really prefer the reticle in the 3200 more than the one in the Leupold, especially when shooting paper. Hunting it is a toss-up.

When I got to the farm... It was so snowing very lightly but the fog had settled right to floor. It was difficult to see the target at what I estimated was 50 yards. The fog was so thick the range finder could not get a reading. The fog made it that much more difficult to find and see the black diamond in the center of the target. The circle reticule of the Leupold added to the difficulties. One other slight problem was the trigger, it felt good here at the house so I did not measure it, but shooting this morning it felt terrible, tuff pull. Today when I clean the rifle up I will measure the trigger pull and set it to 2.5/3# pull.

Shooting the rifle has now convinced me, even though it is a mild steel blued model (I really prefer stainless); I am going to keep it for awhile. It shot very well for me with the Bloodlines.


Next trip out, I hope to move it out to 100 and break some birds at an even longer range...
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