PR Extreme Elite

PR Extreme Elite

Postby MSL 31 » December 10th, 2012, 9:06 pm

Hi my name is Mike (new here, first post). I like to consider myself an avid Whitetail hunter, my father & I hunt at least one to two day's a week from September thru January. We have been doing this for close to 30 years and my children are soon to join us. Oh and we love our Knights, they have been with us for good part of that time too!

I am looking at using PR Extreme Elite 260 grain, looking to hear if anyone has experience with PR bullet line. Here is my main concern the 260 G bullet, is a .40 bullet with sabot for 50 cal barrel. I will be using KP1, new to me just picked up & trying to make bullet decision. I have a old school 50 cal Disc, been using 300 G Hornady's (lead hollow points)with 100 g of 777 pellets. I have killed several Whitetail out to 60 to 80 yards but have never had the opportunity to shot much further until the past year or so. So my goal is to tune my KP1 in for 100 to 150 yds. Would really like the feedback on PR but I am also open to recommendations (first hand experience).

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Re: PR Extreme Elite

Postby sourdough44 » December 13th, 2012, 8:58 am

I don't know much about the KP1, the Extreme/Elite, & Original I do. Here's what I would do. I'd get a 'conversion plug' for your Extreme, the 'Lehigh' type, Knight sells them now. The reason is they are optimized for B209 powder, they also greatly reduce blowback, keep the bolt insides much cleaner. They may have a similar plug for the KP1. Yes, you can shoot B209 with the regular red discs too.

I would then move over to loose Blackhorn 209 powder, a few steps up from pellets or 777. Just use a hot primer, CCIM or similar.

For accuracy & on game performance I have had great luck with the common 250 grn SST/Shockwave. You could also go Barnes if desired. I often use the Harvester 'crush rib' sabot sized for the .451 bullet. I usually use a full 120 grn charge for hunting, you could back it off some. The Son killed a deer fine with an 85 grn charge. Just set up a few speed-loaders for hunting & you are off, not that hard.

The Knight trigger is easily adjustable, I'd take it down to 3 lbs or so for hunting.
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Re: PR Extreme Elite

Postby Yoda » December 15th, 2012, 9:02 am

I have been using the PR line of bullets for awhile now, I don't own a knight rifles at this stage of the game but if their KP1 ever hits production again I will be lookingg very closely at it.
Back to the Bullets, I have shot pr's 240 gr Dead Centers- 250 gr QT's and now their "260gr Extreme Elite HP". I have killed deer with the QT's, ( Outstanding job they do by the way) I switched to the Extreme Eleites a year ago because of the cost, The 260gr bullet im shooting is the most accurate of the 3 ( In all fairness tho I didn't play with the other 2 much because of their cost.) It will shot a 1" 3 shot group if I do my part. The load I'm use is 110 gr of 777 powder, and I'm setting it off with a .25acp conversion. I just started looking at the Blackhorn 209 powder and will more than likely give that a run in the spring.
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Re: PR Extreme Elite

Postby LoosePwdr » January 16th, 2013, 12:12 pm

Hi, mike .Ive been shooting PR DC 50cal 300gr bullets group very well ,little flater than my barnes 290 tez .this was in encore. going to try in mountaineer next week,hopefully it likes them as well. Shot some 300gr pt scorpion with crush rib sb,shoots good . by them in bulk cheap to shoot , 50 loose bullets 20$.
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