Its here 1-20

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Its here 1-20

Postby a1smokepole » November 6th, 2015, 10:47 pm

Went to the range today with the mountaineer 45cal 1-20 I was just shooting just to see what's up with the gun and adjusting the scope. used BH209 W209 primers and Hornady .40 200gr XTP and harvester blue smooth side sabot for all shots. all shots were at 100yds. shots 1-4 was 105gr to adjust scope then 110gr was 5-8 and then bottom right was 120gr 1-3. there was no cool down time between shoots for heating up the dyno coating in the bore. I would say it was a fun time doing a little shooting and the first time out with this gun. and it was 85 deg out the barrel got good and hot
This was with knights new 45cal mountaineer 1-20 twist.

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