ITX extreme turkey trauma-13 shot

ITX extreme turkey trauma-13 shot

Postby jbmabrey » March 25th, 2012, 8:14 am

I've been trying the ITX shot from Ballistics products along with their TPS shotcups using 2-1/4 oz ITX EX-13-#6 shot . I have also used #4 lead and #6 copper plated, so my comparisons between them are few. ITX has a much denser pattern out to 45 yards and is comparable to my 11-87 shooting 3 1/2" Heavy shot Blended -5,6,7 shot.

I cut the wad with 4 slits---1 and 1/4". I use Alliant's Black MZ powder-90-100 grains. I have used BH 209 and Shockey gold both of which shoot ok too. I went with Black MZ because it claims to be less water sensitive and doesn't bother my allergies(although the other 2 don't bother me like 777 and others). My experience last year during ml season seems to bear out their claims.

Some things I have found specific to ITX--

1. more expensive but for an important shot I can live with it.
2. A 10-20 mph wind will move the pattern 4" or more just like it will move lead shot. So I learned to shoot a target with a wind directly at my back. Shooting into the wind will make projectiles rise a little.
3.From BPI web site--ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13: The latest addition to the ITX line. Manufactured to a target density of 13.0 grams/cc, significantly denser than lead. Increased concentration of tungsten makes EX-13 very hard and very dense; the ideal solution for long-range shooting and maximum lethality.
4. 2-1/4 oz ITX EX-13-#6==I get 12-15 pellets in kill area (neck bones, brain only), with 25-30 pellets in rest of neck and upper body part.
5. 2ox of shot in a 3" cup- ITX EX-13-#6 will give 3-4 pellets less in kill area and a few less pellets in rest of neck and upper body.
6. 2-1/4 oz kicks significantly more than 2 oz. --don't know why but it does-and that's using a lead sled.

Here is video of Knight tk2000 testing by Brad Clinton-- ... ature=plcp --My patterns compare to his if you count the whole head as the kill area. You can see the kick in his third shot.

also ... ducts/370/

I plan to try nickle plated shot for varmint hunting, from BPI, just because it's cheaper.

Has anybody else used this shot and cup combination or have any experiences with shot types other than lead or with lead?
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