Just won an MK-85 Knight Muzzle loader

Just won an MK-85 Knight Muzzle loader

Postby tom Hill » October 23rd, 2014, 5:02 am

Hey y'all; I just found this site and forum and just registered.
I just won an MK-85. I belong to a local online/forum type group gun club that gives guns of all kinds away, quite often. I got an email last Sunday saying that I had won the 50 cal rifle, and to come pick it up. I picked it up Monday afternoon. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I've already fell in love with it, and am so excited to take out to shoot.
Have been involved with guns all my life, but this is my first ever black powder weapon. I've always wanted to get one, but there was always a handgun or long gun that I wanted,so..... I never got around to getting a black powder gun.
I am disabled, but am going to start hunting again soon. Haven't hunted for almost 20 years. I won't hunt public hunting ground hardly. I used to have the run of just under 200 acres that was over half wooded. The rest was farmland. It belonged to my ex-wife; so I lost hunting rights when we split up. Her father past away during our seperation and divorce. After a few years her mother remarried. She re married, and her new husband wouldn't allow hunting, so there hasn't been any hunting there in close to 15 tears. I just had my son to ask his grandma if she would let me hunt out there. He did, and she said I could. I also just got permission to hunt my cousins woods. They own 15 acres, and half or more is wooded.
The last 10 years I have been scared to go out hunting due to my disabilities, but I am ready to try it again. I am nervous about being in the woods by myself, but my son wants to go out with me for at least the first few times. I know he just wants to make sure that I will alright, and able to do it. I know that if I were to shoot a deer, there is NO WAY I could drag it out. I would have to get some one to do it for me. I would try to help, but know I wouldn't be able to drag far at all.
I look forward to becoming a member of this group and hope to pick up a lot about some of the new stuff since I've been out of it so long. Used to shotgun, and bow hunt. I just bougt a new crossbow, which is another thing I'd always thought about getting. I got a deal on this one though that I just couldn't turn it down. Also have an old Bear compound that I found out my parents garage that I used to have way back when I was in my early teens, or younger. They passed away, and left my home I grew up in to me.I'm Going to have the bow re-strung then I'm going to :D put sites and other things I may want to add. Sorry for such a long post. I just wanted to introduce myself, and give a little background about myself. Thanks. :D
tom Hill
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