Knight .50 Hawkeye Pistol For Sale

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Knight .50 Hawkeye Pistol For Sale

Postby NYHUNTER » January 10th, 2016, 3:34 pm

I have a Knight Hawkeye HK94 for sale. It has a nice laminated stock. I bought this pistol about two years ago with the intention of getting into black powder but never bought any supplies to shoot it. It looks to be in very good clean condition. I am asking $400.00 and the price includes the transfer fees and the shipping costs from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer.I would also be interested in trading this pistol for a comparable crossbow or best offer. If you are a resident of NEW YORK STATE this has to go on your pistol permit if you want to use it for hunting or target shooting. I have pics that I can send if you are interested. Here are the specs for this pitol:
Knight .50 Caliber Hawkeye In-Line Pistol
Barrel Length: 12"
Land-to-Land: .500"
Groove-to-Groove: .510"
Rate-of-Twist: 1 Turn-in-20"
Ignition: No. 11 Percussion Cap
Bullet: 260-grain Saboted .451" Speer JHP
Ballistic Coefficient: .154
Load Muzzle Velocity/Muzzle Energy 50-Yard Velocity/Energy 100-Yard Velocity/Energy
Pyrodex "P" - Hodgdon Powder Co.
60 gr. 1,288 f.p.s./957 f.p.e. 1,132 f.p.s./614 f.p.e. 928 f.p.s./497 f.p.e.
70 gr. 1,391 f.p.s./1,116 f.p.e. 1,237 f.p.s./881 f.p.e. 1,039 f.p.s./619 f.
With The Same Muzzle Velocity/Energy...A Modern Modern Poly-Tipped Bullet Would Produce The Following...
Bullet: 260 gr. Harvester Muzzleloading Scorpion PT Gold
Ballsitic Coefficient: .220
Pyrodex "P" - Hodgdon Powder Co.

70 gr. 1,391 f.p.s./1,116 f.p.s. 1,293 f.p.s./965 f.p.s. 1,077 f.p.s./669 f.p.e.

Note: The Knight Hawkeye Pistol Has Not Been In Production Since The Mid 1990s.

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