Knight needs to make a vent rib shotgun or a sxs

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Knight needs to make a vent rib shotgun or a sxs

Postby bear hunter » February 11th, 2013, 4:49 pm

I wish Knight would make a single vent rib shotgun for steelshot or a SidexSide with chokes. I would buy one. I use them a lot for deer hunting and would love to hunt with them for ducks. I use the Tk2000 and a old CVA now but I have to use heavy shot in the CVA and steelshot with the mod. choke tube in the TK2000. Here is a buck my buddys kid bagged this year with my CVA SxS. In 2011 season I used my Tk2000 and filled my 2nd deer tag and my buddys girl friend bagged her first animal ever with my Tk2000 it was a nice big doe.
Shot with a CVA 12g using 15 pellets of 1 buck shot at 15 ft.
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