Knight 1-30 Shooter

Knight 1-30 Shooter

Postby sabotloader » March 12th, 2014, 12:09 pm

Today in this fast moving world the old Knight 1-30 twist 45 cal. rifle is sort looked down on by a bunch of us as not the RIGHT STUFF for a quality modern 45 cal. inline. The negative portion being the 1-30 twist as the a more popular twist would be faster.

But for myself in my little world the old 1-30 Extreme/Elite are terrific shooters. I had moved all three of my 1-30's off and out of the house as I got caught up in the 1-20 twist of the Knight Super DISC. Recently I had the opportunity to pick up a blued Knight DISC Extreme that came to me in really really good shape - other than a small amount of pitting on the floor of the breech and at the very bottom of the bore. My original intention was that I wanted the Thumbhole Stock that came with it and I was going to use the rest for parts! It has not all worked out that way, I dropped the barreled action into a wood stock that I had acquired from Sqezer, took the TH stock to be inletted for the 'Forked Recoil Lug' and eventually down to the Big Dipper for a Camo job. I am going to go with this 'Lost' pattern


The barreled action... I have shot it 3-4 or four times on trips to the rock pit and/or the farm. The dang thing is just like a Timex 'load it - shoot it' - it really does not care what you load it with or what you shoot from it - it is just repetitive over and over again...

Yesterday we made the trip to the farm, the field was really muddy but I made the trip out in the mud to set up clay birds at different ranges and different shooting angles. I set out 10 birds if a I remember correctly and then it became fun time.

The rifle is really sighted in for a Lehigh/Bloodline 40x200 inside a MMP Light Tan sabot, but today all shot was Speer 40x180 Gold Dots and a couple of Nosler 40x200's. I am running out of the Noslers so I am being a bit stingy with them until I can replace them. They are an excellent shooting bullet and also would make a great 'deer' getter.

Pictures are not the best in the world but hopefully you can get the idea of what was going on...


Today when I cleaned the rifle I also decided that I would try to seal the pitting up a bit so I ended up cleaning the bore 'spic & span' and then I heated the barred action with so that the pores of the barrel would open a bit and I applied Dyna*Tek bore coat to the receiver and the bore. I am hoping that this application might for a seal and bond with the small bit of pitting in the bottom of the bore. Just another one of my experiments... hope it works
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