Knight ULite Shooting-Testing

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Knight ULite Shooting-Testing

Postby sabotloader » May 1st, 2013, 10:06 pm

Today was another testing day of sorts... I have never - ever trusted Quick Release Scope Mounts to maintain zero once removed and replaced. Well, I did that today, I removed the NECG Peep sight from the Warne (Weaver) scope block and replaced it with the scope.

The scope had been sighted in some time back but I took it off a couple of weeks ago and in re-installed the NECG Peep. Today I wanted to find out for sure if the scope would hold zero. I had the release levers tightened to a 1:00 position the last time the scope was shot. Today I set the scope on the Warne blocks and tightened the levers to the same position they were when I removed the scope.

I guess the target results verify what Warne and lots of other people have said - they will return to '0'

Shot #1... I touched off 4 primers and ran a slightly moist Windex patch after the primers. Then loaded the rifle with my normal elk hunting load. Touched off #1 - It really did not seem to far out of place, I just hate shooting and hunting on a clean barrel. Shots 2-5 proved to me again there is a difference. Actually it proved two things the scope will re-mount to '0' and shot #1 on a clean bore is never as good as the rest. Shot #5 was as always Semi's fault- if he had never posted the rules it would not have happened but I started thinking about the rules and actually over concentrated!

Keep on Shooting Muzzleloaders - They are a blast

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