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I purchased a Knight ultra light early this summer. fired it, sighted it in, shot it a dozen times or more. All went well. Traveled this past week to Colorado, hunting mule deer in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Loaded the gun on the first day. Hiked many miles into the mountains over the course of three days. rainy weather (on and off) during the last two days. On the fourth day I found a small group of 4 bucks in dark timber. One was a respectable buck. They were nervous, milling around and one finally presented a face on shot for an instant. I was ready and shot offhand at about 80 yards. Click, powder failed to discharge. They disappeared into the timber and my hunt ended. When I returned home the next day I took a new primer from a tube I had carried with me that was protected from rain, it failed to shoot. I disassembled the gun poured the powder out and it came out in single granules just as when it was loaded, looked good, the spread out powder seemed to ignite ok. Reloaded with a tube of powder ihad carried with me and a primer I had also carried with me and it fired. Any thoughts?
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Re: misfire

Postby a1smokepole » September 23rd, 2015, 8:30 pm

Before I load my gun for hunting or target shooting I clean all the oil out of the bore and the breech plug and threads us pipe tape on the breech plug this has worked will for me powder don't like oil. or you had it inside the house all night then you take it outside and it can get damp in the bore this will do it. live the gun outside in the weather you will be hunting in helps the dampness out. or you let rain down the bore cover it with thin tape help there they do make condoms for this to and you just shoot with them on the bore is ok.
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Re: misfire

Postby ourway77 » April 15th, 2016, 6:57 am

Times 2 Yes I never take my rifle from warm to cold and back again or vise-versa I have no fear of any one breaking into my car where I live so I leave it in the car powders have a way of sucking up moisture also it's pretty cheap insurance to fire a couple caps before loading to eliminate any oil in the rifle. When I use to use 777 I would clean between shots as your first shot is from a clean barrel and If I shot the rifle while hunting I would clean it again and the next morning do the same procedure I have never had a misfire using 777 don't really know much about the new BH-209 powder From what I have heard it the cat's meow Good Lock
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Re: misfire

Postby Tyson Landsgard » April 26th, 2016, 12:43 pm

I will put a patch on the ram rod and run it all the way into the barrel. Obviously make sure there is no powder in the barrel! With the patch on the ram rod I will fire a primer. The patch should have a nice hole burned thru it. If not your not getting a good powder ignition. I do this before a hunt or target shooting. Remember make sure all powder is out! The Knights are well known for firing in all conditions. I don't think it was a gun issue. Good luck!
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