Mountaineer Stock

Mountaineer Stock

Postby sqezer » May 7th, 2012, 11:47 am

Anyone have a Mountaineer Stock laying around they don't need. Maybe Knight would like to donate 1 to me. :lol: :lol:
.45 Knight Blued, Lam. 1-20
.45 Knight SS Disc. Comp.
.45 Knight Blued Disc. Ext. Comp.
.45 Knight SS MHSDE Comp.
.45 Knight SS MHC TH Lam.
.45 Knight Disc Elite Comp.
.50 Knight SS Mountaineer Lam.
.50 Knight Disc Elite
.52 Knight Disc Ex. Winter Camo
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Re: Mountaineer Stock

Postby COLOelkman » November 20th, 2013, 9:03 pm

Did you ever find a stock? I may also be looking for one and trading out one. What style/type were you looking for?
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Re: Mountaineer Stock

Postby ourway77 » May 24th, 2016, 5:43 am

You might try Boyd's I know they have stocks for most Muzzle Loaders
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