New and looking to learn

New and looking to learn

Postby sdkidaho » April 11th, 2016, 4:01 pm

I've never owned a muzzleloader before and after some research, decided on a Knight Ultra Lite.

I live in Idaho and so the rules for hunting with a muzzle loader in muzzleloader season, are:


A muzzle loading rifle or musket which:
Is capable of being loaded ONLY from the muzzle.
Is equipped with a single or double-barrel.
Is loaded ONLY with loose black powder OR other loose synthetic black powder.
Is loaded with a patched round ball OR a conical, unjacketed projectile comprised wholly of lead or lead alloy. No sabots.
Is loaded with a projectile that is within .010 of an inch of the bore diameter.
Is equipped ONLY with a flint OR a percussion cap OR a musket cap. 209 primers are prohibited.
Is equipped with an ignition system in which any portion of the cap is clearly exposed and visible when the hammer of the weapon is cocked and ready to fire.
Has no scope, only open or peep sights. Fiber optic open sites are permitted.
Is free of any electronic devices.
Is at least forty-five (.45) caliber for deer, antelope, or mountain lion.
Is at least fifty (.50) caliber for elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or black bear.


Items in bold were emphasized by me.

I bought the "Western" model of the Ultra Lite so that it has the open breech so as to be legal in my state. Other than having the gun, I have nothing else.
1. No bullets.
2. No powder.
3. Nothing to measure or carry powder.
4. No ignition source.
5. No cleaning kit.
6. What else am I missing from this list of things I don't have?

I haven't ever reloaded for myself, so I'm not educated in that, but hoping to learn at some point as well - not sure if that matters but it seemed like knowledge of that wouldn't hurt. I'll be hunting elk with this gun, possibly antelope, but elk for certain.

Are there any guys that hunt with the same limitations that my state has that can maybe provide me with some guidance? Thanks for your time.
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Re: New and looking to learn

Postby azconical » September 8th, 2016, 10:10 pm

First off, go with musket cap ignition. More flame than the #11 and easier [bigger] to deal with.
Get yourself a good long nipple pick. Track of the Wolf, or Dixie had some made out of piano wire that were great.
Pick that nipple before and after each shot.
Lead conical bullets, I'm partial to No Excuses, but the T/C Maxi-Hunter 350 gr is good too.
For powders, try Triple 7 or Pyrodex. Which ever your local store stocks on a regular basis.
There's others but why mail order and pay an extra haz-mat fee. And use loose powder. FF is good for your purpose, or FFF if that is all you can get.
If you use Pyrodex, especially, be sure to get into the habit of cleaning your gun well after shooting.
That stuff is as corrosive as regular black powder [because that's what it is really].
Buy any brand of black powder measure and get some little 35mm film plastic cans. Measure your charge and pour it into the cans. That way you don't have to measure it at the range. Plus they're water proof!
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