New Extreme owner has questions

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New Extreme owner has questions

Postby art338wm » April 18th, 2014, 5:46 pm

Greetings to everyone, I am a new member and this is my first post.
I am a soon to be a new owner of a used but LNIB excellent condition Extreme .45 caliber stainless fluted with laminated stock, complete with the disk eliminating bolt conversion. I have no actual experience with knights, so as such I have some questions and this seems like the perfect place to ask them. I apologize if any of the questions are pointless, I do have well over 3000 shots combined out of my other ML's, but as I said I have zero knowledge of Knight ML's. I been wanting to own a Knight ML for a long time and now I finally will. My oldest son wishes to start deer hunting and as I got a super deal on it, this Knight Extreme was the most affordable way to get him started, as well as keeping the recoil as low as possible, as well as using it myself if he doesn't like it. He has shot and likes my Encore and planed on starting him out with it, but the knight I'm thinking can give him performance equal to the Encore with less recoil, and is likely a easior rifle for him to handell.

#1-Whats a good low recoil load using 200grn XTPs or 190grn Barnes and BH-209.
#1-Approx how many shots will I get out of a breach plug if I use 120 grain by volume of BH 209 and 200 grain bullets such as a XTP or a 190 grain Barnes.
#2-Is Knight the best or only place to buy replacement breach plugs or can they be bought else where?
#3-Concerning breach plugs, what is the ID of its flash whole when new, and is it known at what size increase of ID of the flash hole will requier it's replacement.
#4-If I end up using it, does the .45 cal Extreme shooting a 200 grain .40 cal XTP pushed by 120 grains of BH 209 have the balistics to kill a deer at ranges of 275 to 300 yards as some people have claimed on other websites
#4-Does anyone know what the balistics are of the .45 Extreme shooting the above described loads are, or of a website where I can feed in the info to get balistics for myself.
#5-If for any reason the rifle does not come with a owners manual, can one be had from knight still? or can a OM be DL off the net.
#6-Are there any "Must Know" information or "Must Don'ts or Do's" concerning my model Disk Extreme anyone can share with me would be extremely helpfull and equally appreciated.

That's about all I can think of for now, I hope it's not to much info to ask for. I am sure once I get the rifle I will likely be in need of more help, from others more knowledgeable than myself. If Knight was making it's Disk Extreme's or especially the Elites back when I decided to buy a inline, I would have never bought my Encore. I feel that Knight makes the finest production inline you can buy.

Thank you and be well,
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Re: New Extreme owner has questions

Postby sourdough44 » April 27th, 2014, 2:18 am

The Knight 45 cal 'Elite'(close to Extreme) is my favorite deer stacker right now. I have about 4 other Knight M-L's. I shoot the Barnes 195 grn saboted bullet or the 200 grn SST. 110 grains of B209 powder gave me 2218 FPS with my chrony. I use a 'Lehigh' breech plug, but now Knight sells them, with a fixed vent liner.

My Son bagged a nice buck with an 80 grn charge of B209, 250 grn SST in a 50 cal Knight. You could go to 80 grains or lower with a B209 charge in the 45 cal. All the breech plugs are interchangable with the Elite,Extreme 45 & 50 cal M-L's.

I may do some range shooting with 80 or so grains of power. I hunt with 110-120, 45 & 50 cal. Clean the gun well after use, take the bolt apart too for proper cleaning. The older owner's manuals can be hard to track down. I have copied a few for some, that is an option if you are hard up. The trigger with the Knight is easily adjustable.

Check out , there is a little more activity over there. I wouldn't get excited about 200+ yrd shots at deer with a M-L. Most of what you may read about requires a good amount of range time with accurate ranging. I don't like 'hail Mary' shots. The sweet spot is inside 150 yards, of course that varies with different shooters.

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