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Safety Warning for Bighorn 50 cal

I recently had an incident which literally made me feel sick to my stomach. Although my rifle was loaded I did not have a cap on it during the occurrence. My rifle is a pat# 4700499 and has what I consider two safeties, the standard thumb safety and the screw feature at the back of the bolt which prevents the bolt travel from striking the nipple when screwed in. I typically keep both safeties in ...
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Vented breach plug

How does the vented breach work? how much blowback do you get with std loads?
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Bullets for my BigHorn

I am trying to decide what bullet to shoot in my new BigHorn. I have to shoot a conical but have not decided on which one. I have 3 in mind, the T/C 275 gr maxi hunter, the 350 gr maxi hntr or the 320 maxi ball. Any thoughts on this would be great as this is my first Knight. Been shooting a Hawken for yrs but decided to change it up a bit.
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Nevada cow elk

Hi everyone.. I got a cow Elk tag for north east Nevada. Using a bighorn 50 ca. Be my first with black power. Ben a bow hunter for longer than to admit, I have tried barns 250 gr. Hard to push down the barrel, 300 gr SST load easer, will shoot about 3in. At 200 yards, only open sight in Nevada.
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200 Yard Guarantee

So far I have yet to find the details of the accuracy guarantee with Knight. I am purchasing a "Western" version of a Bighorn, installing the peep site and plan on using the musket cap for a hotter fire. What components make up the 200 yard accuracy package? I imagine that I would be required to use a propriety bullet such as the "Bloodline", is that correct? Typically, I use Triple Seven or Pyrodex RS ...
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Bighorn # 10 nipple?

I bought a bighorn a few months ago from a guy needing cash... The nipple in it is bigger than a # 11 but smaller than a 209. Is it a #10?? Local stores don't have # 10 caps, so if I have to order it I want it to be right.
Can I get a 209 nipple instead?? I'm sure they're out there, but I can't find it.. WANT TO SHOOT IT!!!
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Rear Peep

The bigger part of my life has been spent training myself to acquire targets using a peep sight. I would really like to try a rear peep on the Bighorn. Knight does not have one in their accessories. Do you know if there is an after market sight out there?
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front optic sight

I have hunted for 3 years with my Big Horn 50 cal. and I have had my front optic sight, the green plastic fall out. What is going on. I took it out Sat. and on my second shot it was gone. This would have been a bad problem if it were to happen while I am out in the mountains hunting. Any suggestions.
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Bighorn Hammer

I've had a Bighorn for about three years and have only shot about 20 rounds out of it. Went out shooting today and could shoot it, the hammer wouldn't stay in a cocked position. Anyone have this problem before or hav any suggestions?
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Filled the freezer this year.

Shot on Lopez island during the late muzzle season. No buck for me this year :( But I can't come plane. I filled the freezer with some nice blacktail does with my Bighorn and my buddys kid bagged the 1x2 buck in the pic with a CVA sxs 12g using buckshot at 15 ft. The last pic is my doe that was shot at 70 yards and ...
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