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Extractor issue for my .243 barrel

I purchased a KP1 recently from a buddy of mine that came with three barrels. 50 cal, .243 and 45-70. I really like this rifle. I used the 50 cal to bring down a doe this year which is my first muzzleloader kill. Very accurate!
I want to do some varmit hunting using the .243 barrel which has never been fired. When I loaded the .243 and closed the breech and then opened the breech ...
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52 Cal. Long Range Hunter

I just got a new 52 cal. Long Range Hunter and i was wondering.Since it does not have a power stem breech plug,it's got a vented breech plug,can i use pelletized powder.
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TK2000 choke

I need some clarification, just purchased a NIB, old stock TK2000 NWTF shotgun, this is a s # 1800 and has the old VHS tape instructions.

I measure the choke on mine at .722 dia.
Looking at the chokes from Knight they list on the parts page the xfull at .772 and the mod at .762.
So - mine looks like it is xx full
or does Knight have a miss print on the parts ...
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Knight zombie hunter stock

How many people have a Knight Zombie Hunter stock like this? :D Truly one of a kind! LOL
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master hunter recoil pad

Does anyone know how to remove the recoil pad on the master hunter synthetic stock??
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interchangeable barrels

does knight vision muzzleloader have shotgun and rifle barrels?
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Why Magnum Only

I have an original 45 cal DISC rifle that will only shoot magnum loads of propellant. 150 grains of Pyrodex or Triple7 and a 175 grain Red Hot Sabot gets me 3" 3 shot groups. If I go down to 120 grains of Blackhorn or 2 50 grain pellets I can barely keep them on paper.
Had some shoulder surgery last year and I still hurts to shoot. I was hoping the lighter charge might ...
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.52 caliber round balls or other bullets for Idaho

I own a .52 disc extreme with the western conversion , but as for ammo we can't use sabots here in Idaho.....what ammo should I consider using, want to hunt with it this fall but am uneducated on the .52 caliber one has any ideas at the local shops about this caliber.....Please Help......I would cast my own lead if I knew what sizes or use maxi loads if I could find anything
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Attaching Stock 2 Barrell

The LRH has 2 attaching points for the stock and barrell, 1 on the trigger guard and 1 on the barrell lug. What is your method of getting it put back together the same every time?? I have heard that some do not use the trigger guard hardware. Just wondering how you do it.

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Re: disc extreme/mountaineer


Here's a quick rundown of differences that I could think of:

Barrel: The Mountaineer is 27" fluted, the Disc Extreme is 26" and not fluted.
Bolt/Bolt Handle: The Mountaineer features a jeweled bolt/handle, the Disc Extreme is not jeweled.
Ignition System: The Mountaineer comes standard with the Full Plastic Jacket System or 209 Bare Primer, while the Disc Extreme comes standard with the FPJ or Western ready.
Stocks: Each one has some exclusive stock ...
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