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Putting away my LK-93 for another year

I bought her new (I forget the year) and have 66 notches on the stock now. She has never failed me. I only wish I could find a slug gun with half the accuracy this thing has.

Scrubbed her down inside and out and lubed her up good, almost time to lock her up in the cabinet for another year. Like saying goodbye to an old friend every December!!
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hey guys whats the best bullet?

Hi Guys,, im new here and just wanted to ask if anyone had any accuracy or grouping issues with their knight rifles..i have a rolling block model..i was shooting 150grns. of 777 and a 245gr powerbelt copper series.with the aerotip..any input would be appreciated thanks
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Breech Plug

I want to find out if by drilling the hole in the breech plug to a bigger size will help keep your gun from cap firing as much?? I noticed that the hole in my breech plug is fairly small and wondered if the hole was a little bigger if that would help keep it from cap firing only, I know it would help to ignite the powder better with more of the caps ignitions ...
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black knight trigger safety

Could someone help me with a trigger safety question about what the parts look like that detain the trigger on the inside of the trigger assembly on an Black Knight?
I took my assembly apart and managed to loose the part(s) under the safety handle plate that retain the trigger. If someone could post a picture of the part(s), I sure would appreciate it.
Thank you.
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Conversion question

Is there any advantage's to do a conversion to 209?
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mk and BH209

Any tips on how to make the 209 conversion work consistently with Blackhorn 209? In limited range sessions, it has been inconsistent in ignition with hangfires. The breech plug is one that has the vent liner brazen permently into it. Is the flash channel too long? Or is the problem with using the red jackets?

Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Leave Loaded? How long?

I hunted with my knight BP rifle and shot a deer first morning out with it. When I hunted the second weekend, I didn't see anything the first 2 days and I just removed the primer to transport it and left powder and bullet in the bore.
It occurred tome how easy it would be to double charge if somebody got careless or forgetful so I stuck a patch in the end with enough sticking ...
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Shipping to Canada

Can I have a mountaineer shipped to Canada, and what are the issues involved?
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Original Knight Disc Bolt issue

I have an original Knight DISC 50 cal, SS. It came with a C tool to disassemble the bolt. However, the C tool was pulled out before the process was completed. Does anyone know how to get the C tool back in or how to disassemble the bolt without the C tool in place?
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firing pin releases when bolt pushed forward

The firing pin will release when I work the bolt into position with the safety off, but it will not do so every time. With the safety on and the bolt pushed forward the gun will fire when the safety is taken off, but not every time as well. I have taken the bolt apart and made sure it was clean and it was. I am very careful about cleaning the trigger assembly (not taken ...
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