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Powder Charge in Pyrodex pellets

Hi, I am new to the forum and would like to learn some details on a muzzle loader I recently purchased as a used weapon. It is an older .50 cal inline Wolverine with a camo composite stock. I did not get an owners manual with it so I am not sure what is the recommended max amount of powder to use, what grain bullet to use for whitetail deer in middle Georgia. Any information ...
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mk 85 pics

I have owned a lot of different model Knight Rifles. They were all nice but the mk 85s are my favorites. Here are a few of mine.

This is my earliest model, Tony told me this one was made before the company moved to Centerville. The barrel has six grooves and a 1 in 32 inch twist.

This SS model with the thumbhole stock has a Wiseman barrel with six grooves and a ...
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Rust in barrel

Just bought a used wolverien.
All blueing is good, barrel is good except, the 1st 1" in front of the breech plug is rusted.
I can see from reciever end, and front of barrel the rust in front of the breech plug in the barrel..
Used some blue wonder, wd 40 ect and patched out as much of the surface "rudt dust" as I could.
Patches were brown.
I thought if I got some ...
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Cryogenic Tempering

Just purchased a new Bighorn. On the range it's holding good groups, considering who's shooting. A few years ago I purchased a Ruger Mini-30. The barrel on the Mini was not what I had hope for, had heat and accuracy problems. I ended up sending the mini barrel off to be cryo treated. It came back a new barrel, not a perfect barrel but better than prior to. The heat problem wasn't as bad and ...
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Knight Revolution

I have a Knight Revolution and would like to know if there is a 209 conversion kit for my muzzleoader.
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Mountaineer and I at the Farm

Spent some time this morning draining hoses and putting away some of the summer stuff - it got down to 25* degrees last night so I thought I had better do something that I was suppose to do...


Me and the Mountaineer headed to the farm, I am still trying iron out all the wrinkles of switching bullets again this year. Some of you know I am into using another bullet from Lehigh ...
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Ramrod issues

I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what it is that actually holds the ramrod in place on a Knight MK-85? I took my rifle apart the other day for a thorough cleaning and inspection in readying for the upcoming muzzleloader season. Put the rifle back together and now my ramrod slides freely and will not seat. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks a bunch!!
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I recieved my Revolution yesterday .
I stripped and cleaned entire gun, then registerd it with Knight to send in my trigger assembly.
I was working the action trying to get a feel for it, and I noticed that the trigger assembly seemed to want to always fall out of the action after I opened it up.
I assume I was opening it to far, and it will just take some time to get ...
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New Knight Owner

Howdy all,

I just traded into a NIB Knight Disc extreme! I am brand new to the inline game but have been shooting MLs since I was six. Also when i shot my first 1911 so i started with the best, and have never stopped. Sorry for the strong opinions in my furst post. Anyway, a quest to hunt earlier here in Georgia has turned into a new love for inlines. Last week I bought ...
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Knight bighorn nipple thread size

I have a knight bighorn and I need a new #11 nipple for it. On their site it lists 3 thread sizes. Anybody know what thread size the knight bighorn is? Hunting season is fast approaching and I've got to get one ordered.
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