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Fantastic service Knight

I received my new Mountaineer a little while ago. It's one of their 25th AE models. It had a walnut stock with very little figure. I was disappointed to say the least. I ordered this gun in .52 to hunt with during my trip to Ohio. Ohio has a late ML season that takes place in January. Plenty to time to get this new gun dialed in. I called Knight about the stock and they ...
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2001 Knight .50 Caliber

When I retired in 2001, I received a Knight .50 caliber Disc SS camo stock rifle. I haven't shot this rifle in a few years, and I can't seem to find the instruction manual. I have seen that in 2003 Knight apparently changed the design of the orange colored plastic 209 primer holder. I'm wondering what other updates might have occurred to this rifle. Any information on these questions is certainly appreciated.
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Can somone tell me about the Knight American

I have a Knight American that uses the red jacket 209. I bought it new and it's been a great gun.

My question is it seems to be sort of the "step-child" of Knight. Not really much info on them, the seem to be really close to the Wolverine. So what is the story, Knight did a limited run, built them out of spare parts, etc.?

I sent Knight an email awhile back looking for ...
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I assume there's no classified forum here?

I want to get my grandson a Littlehorn for the early youth deer season next year. Finding a nice used one to save a few bucks would be great, how would I go about finding one? Hopefully I can find a sale somewhere the first of the year providing we survive the apocalypse December 21. Thanks.
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new mountainer has arrived

Got both from wow sweeter than I thought cant wait to sight them in would love to take one hunting this weekend but do not have time to get them sighted in :cry: guess there is always xmas day lol. really if anyone wants a mountaineer or disc extreme chek the out they are about 100-150 below retail
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knight mk 95 magnum elite

does anyone know anything about the posi fire system it has
what kind of casing you need to
or general info?
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shadow gray mountaineers cheap

found on straight and thumb hole moutaineers for 619 and 645 ordered one of each :mrgreen:
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moutaineers cheap

I saw on moutaineers in shadow gray for 619 straight and 645 thumbhole wow ordered one of each
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Most accurate 12 ga shotgun shell for KP1 ?

Hi, does anybody know what 12ga shell shoots the best from a KP1 using the shotgun barrel? I have had good experience shooting 2 3/4 Remington Copper Solids from other slug guns I used. Any thoughts Thanks
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bullet and load advice

Waiting on the New mountaineer .50 I ordered and want to know what kind of bullets and loads anyone is using that give great results. My MK85 will shoot whatever I put in it but have heard the new guns are more finicky. The old MK and I have been to places few have dreamed and never failed me till this year or could be my old eyes?
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