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TK2000 Owners Manual

Where can I get a Owners Manual for my TK2000 Shotgun.
Can I change the barrel to a .50 ??????
Oh by the way I am new to muzzleloading.
All the Help I can get I will need more..
Thank you
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new to muzzleloaders

this is my first time to muzzleloaders and to any kind of form.... so I hope this makes sense. I just purchased a kp1 50 cal and am very excited to shoot it. I hear it is a great riffle, and I think it is the best looking one around. anyway to the point. I have no idea what loads, bullets, and primers to use. I will be using this riffle to hunt elk and ...
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45 cal supre disc problem

I have a 45 cal super disc bolt action. The problem im having is the firing pin will not stay cocked after opening the bolt. Is this a common problem? Does anyone know what i need to do to fix the problem. Any info would be much appreaciated.
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Western Legal - Knight Ultra-Lite

It is going to happen... finally! I have been waiting for several weeks for Knight to make a modification to the Ultra-Lite that I ordered. I really wanted this light weight gun for hunting here in the west. And because of our ML rules I have to use open sights and cap ignition during the ML portion of the hunting season.

During the regular rifle season I can convert it back to a modern inline ...
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older knight wolverine 209 conversion

I just bought an older knight stainless wolverine 209 conversion 50 cal that I would like some help with. What is the model # of this gun? ser# is S008487. I think this gun has the breech plug for the 209 FPJ which is illegal to hunt with in Idaho. Can you fire a musket cap over this nipple stack? It fits, but splays out as you push it down. Also, I found a breech ...
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New Disc Extreme Barrel Question

I have a new Disc Extreme barrel. The interior/bore of the barrel is really dark black.
Is this a coating or just left over from manufacturing the barrel at Green Mountain?
Does it need to be completely cleaned out of the bore before shooting it?
I have swabbed it with patches and bore solvent and it is smooth but still really black.
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Ultra light accuracy

what kind of accuracy do you guys get from an ultra liught ? also what bullets and loads work the best ? Any accuracy tips ?
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Inside Bore Diameter

What is the exact inside diameter of a 52 cal LRH and why are 52 cal bullets .458 and .475.
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shipping a knight KP1

I'm selling a KP1 50 cal/ .223 combo. A few people were interested but don't want it shipped through an FFL. Can I send the 50 cal to a private residence ,then send separately the .223 barrel. or because the 50 cal accepts rifle barrels, does it need to go to an FFL? Any info would be great.
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securing barrel of LRH to stock

I have the original "LRH" serial # E726000 and the C clip does not secure the tangso the weight of the barrel lifts the rear of the barrel out of the C clip. I don not see anything in the stock that would allow the C clip draw in on the tang when tightened. Am I missing some sort of wedge block? How does this work?
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