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Revolution stock

Does anyone make a revolution stock with more drop ?
With he factory stock I really have to push my head down to line up the sights.
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It was no Contest - but a fun day

Finally got some extra time today - so I decided to head to the farm.

I am in the middle of testing a new bullet and really wanted to get some chrono numbers for the bullet and the load I was using.

Accuracy is no longer a concern, I have shot the bullet from 4 different rifles and acuracy is not a problem. I have shot the bullet with same type MMP sabot from all ...
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Considering another knight

So, long time no talk! Holidays and so forth. Glad to be back!

Well today at my favorite shop I found a used disc extreme on consignment that the owner left for the shop owner to price out. No price yet, but heres the deal: its a .50 disc extreme thumbhole stainless with black stock, no front sight because it allegedly blocked the scope, a few scuffs on the barrel, uncleaned breach that i cleaned ...
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bullets and powder

I have the old organge disc 50. cal.. I have been shooting 150 grain with hornady 45cal. 240 grain with 50cal. sabot. this has been a great combo for me. I have just purchesed the hornady SST 300 grain does anyone here use these and what grain of powder do you use. I plan on sticking to 150 grains of powder.

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Breech Plug removal

Just ordered a new Mountaineer (bare primer). I won't even see it until April because I'm deployed. I'm trying to purchase as much stuff as possible so when I return, I will have everything. Is there a special tool that you need to remove the breech plug on this rifle? Thanks in advance.
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The price for a New Mountaineer just went up 70$ in one day on this website??? From 809$ to 879$....just bought one yesterday brand new for 645$...check out
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camo stocks

I would like to replace my stock on my Knight LK 93 Wolverine with a realtree camo thumbhole stock. Can anybody recomend a source?
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KRB7 Rolling block

New to the forum but have a few questions about this KRB7. I have shot 150 rounds through it , maybe. Anyway, I did have the initial problem with the firing pin not hitting the primer and Knight fixed it. Since then, no problems. I took a mule deer with it before I moved form colorado to kansas. Now that I am here, people tell me I can mount a scope and use sabots! Awesome! ...
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209 Conversion for Black Knight

I have my friend's .50Cal BLACK KNIGHT and he wants me to convert it from #11 caps to 209 primers. Not being a KNIGHT guy (I've always owned and shot T/C's) I never kept up with Knight rifles. The gun is marked "BLACK KNIGHT" and nothing else. My questions are as follows:
1) Is there a model name or number that goes along with "BLACK KNIGHT" ?
2) Will the following conversion kit work with ...
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Animal specific loads

I am brand new into muzzleloading. Just bought a Knight Mountaineer .50 cal. I'm anxious to get to the range with it. Living in CO, we are not allowed to use sabots or pellets. What should I be using for bullets (belted?), primers, powder loads (brand?) etc for deer, elk, and moose? Assume I know nothing and you'd be right. Thanks.
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