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KP1 for sale

I have a KP1 50 Cal/.223 combo with camo stock and stainless barrels. This is not only an awesome looking set up, but a beautiful shooting gun. I can tell you exactly what loads I shoot, which is dead nuts to 150 yards.
Asking $550 plus shipping without the two scopes
$700 and I'll leave scopes on. They are both sighted in dead nuts!
this gun is built like a tank, deadly accurate and ...
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Stock interchangeability

Will the Mountaineer stock fit the Disc Extreme? I have sucessfully used the Extreme stocks on the Disc Elites with a little chisel work to the bedding and a little epoxy work. I want the black laminate stock for my .52 extreme, but they only have the camo type listed.
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Primer options

Considering a Mountaineer Ultra-Lite in 50cal. Is there any great difference in getting the open primer as opposed to the jacketed primer option?
I understand the weather consideration of the jacketed primer, just not sure I want to deal with the jackets all the time.
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Is a littlehorn just a shortened Bighorn or does it use a receiver like a lk-93? Will a littlehorn fit in a Bighorn stock?
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Does Knight still make the tk2000?

Been looking on-line at the tk2000 and most of the ones I have seen are on gun auctions that have already ended and forums that consistently say they are no longer made. I saw that knight has a 2013 catalog with the tk2000 in it. Do they still make them. I really would like to purchase one, but would prefer to buy the gun new. Also Im curious about the stats on this gun. Does ...
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breech plug trouble

This is just my second post here. Friday I went to town to check on some things and when I finished I stopped by the pawn - gun store. I picked up a mk85 stainless with a laminated stock. The rifle is very clean. Great looking gun. Not banged up or beat up. Clean bore. I removed the nipple and started to remove the breech plug but it would not budge. I have removed the ...
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Wolverine Trigger Asm

I was cleaning my Wolverine for end of the year storage. While trying to slide breech plug wrench in, it would not go with trigger pulled. So I took stock off and trigger asm off. I noticed the rear of the trigger asm was loose and not together. I am looking for a parts break down. It portrudes thru the bottom of reciever and contacts the hammer asm. I tried calling Knight 2 times and ...
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Knight t-bolt

I am new to this forum so maybe this has been asked before? Has anyone here used or owned a t-bolt? I have seen a couple for sale and wondered how they perform? Any info would be great! Not finding a lot on the searches. I have shot a muzzleloader a few times when I was in PA but there laws required the use of a flintlock. Would be my first modern muzzleloader.
Thanks ...
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Knight needs to make a vent rib shotgun or a sxs

I wish Knight would make a single vent rib shotgun for steelshot or a SidexSide with chokes. I would buy one. I use them a lot for deer hunting and would love to hunt with them for ducks. I use the Tk2000 and a old CVA now but I have to use heavy shot in the CVA and steelshot with the mod. choke tube in the TK2000. Here is a buck my buddys kid bagged ...
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Filled the freezer this year.

Shot on Lopez island during the late muzzle season. No buck for me this year :( But I can't come plane. I filled the freezer with some nice blacktail does with my Bighorn and my buddys kid bagged the 1x2 buck in the pic with a CVA sxs 12g using buckshot at 15 ft. The last pic is my doe that was shot at 70 yards and ...
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