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looking for more info on this muzzle loader this is the pink cameo and i'm looking for more on the blue cameo one as well. do u need to use the full jacket on these or can i just put the 209 primer in the breech plug and do u have to use both safety on these guns :mrgreen: . i'm looking to buy 2 next ...
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Model or Type of Knight muzzleloader

I just received a Knight muzzleloader from an online retailer. I'm trying to determine the type of rifle it is. It's not a bolt action. It has a screw that tightens to strike the cap. The barrel only says Knight American. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to operate this gun safely. Thanks!
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DISC Elite @ the Farm

Well it is not an Extreme, but an Elite is close enough...

Had some time this morning so I spent the first part of the morning modifiying the breech plug to shoot Remington 209-4 primers cleanly and I did want to test it.

I had big plans of setting a paper target at 25,50,75, and 100 yards. Then I wanted to shoot 3 shot groups at each range with the same POA and see what ...
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Mountaineer Stock

Anyone have a Mountaineer Stock laying around they don't need. Maybe Knight would like to donate 1 to me. :lol: :lol:
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52 in the Rock Pit

I made a trip to the Rock Pit this morning to test my newly modified Lehigh Breech Plug.

Most know that i am a T7 shooter and I normally shoot an old Remington 209-4 primer (built for the 410 shotgun) as it is the weakest 209 primer that I know of. The Remington primer either the 209-4 or even the modern STS are somewhat short for the primer pocket of the Lehigh that mates best ...
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Toby Bridges/NAMH

Looks like Knight Rifles has cut all ties with Toby Bridges. Apparently he was wanting the company to give him money and muzzleloaders…apparently they didn’t agree to his terms so he decided to start bashing them. Sad to see, guess Toby turned out to be a phony. Wonder which gun company will be unlucky enough to pick him up next?
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WTB MK-85 stock

I am looking for a wood or laminate stock for my 54 cal. MK85 muzzleloader.

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any shadow owners out there

looking for anyone that has a shadow wanted to know if they had a favorite load and what they think about it
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knight hawkeye loads wanted

just looking for some loads for 50 cal hawkeye
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Re-introduce the MK-85

Hello Knight,

I have seen a large number of posts on the various ML sites about the MK-85. It seems many people are learning about the quality and accuracy of that great old model.

So my suggestion is this; re-introduce the MK-85. I know the Bighorn is similar, but it lacks the panache of to MK-85. Knight are you listening? :o)
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