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convert to #11 cap

Hello, I have an older long range hunter, in the state that I live 209 primers are ok but I may be able to use it in Oregon where 209 arent legal. Is there a conversion kit to change the lrh to the older caps? Thanks
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conical bullets

So how is the accuracy of knight muzzleloaders with conical bullets?
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LK vs BK breech plugs

I have both a LK and a BK rifle. I converted the LK over to 209 but left the BK using #11 primer. Had both down cleaning them and noticed that one #11 breech plug had threads all the way to the end and the other #11 breech plug did not have threads down to the end. For the life of me I cannot remember which one I took out of my BK. Does it ...
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exposed primer systems

Does knight carry any muzzleloaders with an exposed primer system legal to use in Oregon?
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BDC on a knight

I shoot a knight vision which has 28inch barrel . And have a Nikon omega scope on it. I shoot 120 black horn 209 and 250 horn. Bullet. And every lines up. I shot milk jugs at 300yards . And my group is a lot better then all my buddy's t/c. Has anyone else tried the BDC scopes on any other knights . And any othe bdc brand scopes?
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powder load

i have a knight disc 50 cal. what is max powder load?
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Hey Knight - please bring back the KP1

I feel that the KP1 was the best Knight offering. I'm looking, and see variations on the DISC, and the wolverine. The Disc is ok, I hunted with one for years, and it's a very accurate gun. But I like the barrel switching on the KP1 - and the ergonomics for me are much better than the TC Encore offerings.

Also, if they re-offer it I would like to see muzzleloading barrels in 52, 54 ...
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LittleHorn at work

This was her first deer, I do believe she is hooked. :D :D



Knight LittleHorn
80 gr triple 7
250 gr bloodline bullet
68 yards , open sights.
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Stock for a LK 93?

I am looking for a stock for my LK 93, straight, made of wood. Thanks,
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