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Long Range Hunter fails to fire

Hi Folks! I'm hoping to get some advice and or a possible solution to my problem. I bought my .50 cal Long Range Hunter just before the original Knight company went out of business. I love the gun! It's very accurate and with the thumb hole stock it is very comfortable to shoot. However, I am and have had several incidents where my musket caps will not fire. When I say they will not fire, ...
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LRH bare 209 problem

I bought a bare 209 conversion for my long range hunter and the primer holder will not drop In the bolt. Knight sent me another primer holder and it will drop in the bolt but the bolt will not close. I can put the conversion in my two disc extremes and they work perfect. Anybody have problems with the bare 209 conversion from Knight and any suggestions as to what the problem is? ...
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best capper/decapper for 209 bare primer conv kit

I have a LRH from the Tony Knight era. I have installed the bare primer 209 breech plug kit, but can't seem to find a good and effective primer/capper tool to use. Any suggestions?
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Selling New LRH

I bought this LRH about 3 years ago and it has been kept in my safe. It has never been used or shot. It is .50 cal., Green laminate thumbhole stock. It uses the 209 and plastic jacket. Stainless barrel. I have all the accessories in original bag. I can email you pictures if interested. I do not have original box. I bought it in hopes Washington state would legalize the primers, etc. but it ...
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52 Cal. Long Range Hunter

I was sighting in a new 52 cal LRH started with 110 gr. BlackHorn 209 and 350 gr.Red Hot Bullet.Max out my elevation at 50 yards on a leupold ultimate slam 3x9x40 S.A.B.R.Should i use 120 gr or more. :?: :?: :?:
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securing barrel of LRH to stock

I have the original "LRH" serial # E726000 and the C clip does not secure the tangso the weight of the barrel lifts the rear of the barrel out of the C clip. I don not see anything in the stock that would allow the C clip draw in on the tang when tightened. Am I missing some sort of wedge block? How does this work?
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Attaching Stock 2 Barrell

The LRH has 2 attaching points for the stock and barrell, 1 on the trigger guard and 1 on the barrell lug. What is your method of getting it put back together the same every time?? I have heard that some do not use the trigger guard hardware. Just wondering how you do it.

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New Long Range Hunter

Has anyone purchased a new Long Range Hunter recently? What is your opinion of it/
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Sighting in my .52 LRH

I have a LRH .52 cal and I am having troubles getting it sighted in. I am using 375 grain bullets with 130 grains of loose triple 7 powder. Everytime that I think I've got it close it shoots a flyer. I shot it yesterday swabbing with a wet patch and then a dry patch between rounds. I am open to any advice or assistance, thanks.
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convert to #11 cap

Hello, I have an older long range hunter, in the state that I live 209 primers are ok but I may be able to use it in Oregon where 209 arent legal. Is there a conversion kit to change the lrh to the older caps? Thanks
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