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Re: MK85 Hammer Striker Faces

The flat face is used to fire the #11 and Musket caps. The cone faced plunger is used for 209 primers, I wouldn't use that on the could flare out the nipple.

If your gun has #11 set up in it, honestly that is all you need. They are very good ignition systems. There is no real advantage to using either the musket or a 209.
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Re: Need an Owners Manual

A 14yo should be able to handle a light load no problem. You could start out with 60gr loose powder (Pyrodex or 777) and a 200gr XTP bullet would be an ideal beginners load, but I would think that you could easily work him up to 70gr or even 80gr, and the 240 you spoke of. My son at 14 used 90gr under a 260gr bullet with no issues.

I can email you an owners ...
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Re: MK 85 Owner's Manual needed

Post your email and I can send you a soft copy of the manual.

Congrats on your purchase, I hope you like it. While they may not be the whiz bang stuff available today, they are solid guns that get the job done.
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Re: MK 85 Light in .45 WTB

I'd be willing to bet that finding that gun in that configuration would be like finding a needle in a haystack, or maybe 2 haystacks.

Another option would be a Littlehorn, but I don't think they make it in .45. You could always use a lighter .40cal bullet in a .50 cal sabot, and maybe .40gr - .50gr powder to get the kid started. Or if you don't want to spend the money to go ...
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Need help with MK 85 50 cal

I just acquired my fathers older MK 85 50 cal (which hasn't been shot in about 10yrs).. I am really interested in getting equipped with everything I need b/c dad has misplaced his old possibles bag and cannot seem to remember exactly what all he used. Anyways, just curious on what all I need to buy to get started. Bullets, powder, caps, cleaning kits, tools, etc.. I appreciate y'all's help. Thanks
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Just won an MK-85 Knight Muzzle loader

Hey y'all; I just found this site and forum and just registered.
I just won an MK-85. I belong to a local online/forum type group gun club that gives guns of all kinds away, quite often. I got an email last Sunday saying that I had won the 50 cal rifle, and to come pick it up. I picked it up Monday afternoon. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I've already fell ...
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mk-85 or bk-92 barrel

im looking for a good used or nib 50 cal mk or bk barrel in need of one and a trigger assembly for 1 me at ....thanks ..
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plunger trouble

I have an MK 85 with a plunger that has given me issues...or at least I thought it was the plunger. When pulled back, it would not stay locked in the cocked position, so I purchased a 209 conversion kit from Knight as I wanted to convert it to 209 anyway and the kit comes with a new plunger. When I installed the new plunger I got the same issue. I'm not sure how the ...
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Wood stock blank for MK-85?

I bought a used MK-85 with the stock plastic thumbhole stock. Looks like it should work well -- if ur right-handed.

Several years ago I lost vision in my right eye and had to switch to left-handed shooting.

Anyone know where I could buy an inletted, or semi-inletted wood stock blank for this gun? I'd like to shape and finish it myself.
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Mk85 is brutal on caps

My new MK85 blows caps to pieces and what few caps survive jam in the striker recess. I don't shoot heavy charges (70 to 90gr of Swiss) and I also get indications of striker bounce. I'm wondering if a stronger mainspring would help. This rifle was on the dealer's rack for at least 20 years and the spring might have taken a set and become weakened. I'm using the original Knight red hot nipple , ...
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