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I have a green syn-stocked Mountaineer and absolutely love it. It has the bare 209 primer feature and I like that as well, NOW.
When I started shooting this rifle I was using W209 primers and they would just fall out after each shot when I rolled the rifle over, well I tried CCI 209 M as so many on the MZ forums were raving about the performance using them with BH209. Well guess what, ...
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Adjusting Trigger Pull

I adjusted the trigger pull slightly making it lighter and in doing so it caused the flit safety to stop working. Anyone know why and how to fix it?


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knight 45 cal mountaineer

Just a heads up for anyone looking for a new 45 cal mountaineer 1-20 twist call knight they have some to sale they will be going fast so call.
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Mountaineer Grouping

I purchased a Mountaineer and have been shooting different loads to find the accuracy load for my gun.

I have shot the 220 and 250 bloodline bullets with 90, 95, 100, and 110 powder charges by weight
with the Buckhorn 209 powder.

I can't get groups less the 2 and 1/2 inches at 100 yards and sometimes groups are more than 3 inches.

I clean my gun after every shot.

Anyone have a suggestion as ...
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Panorama Residential Elevators

Elevators are accessories that are acclimated to backpack appurtenances and passenger elevator. The ancient characters of an elevator dates aback to 200 BC and is accepted to a Roman artist called Vitruvius. Elevators would abide to be acclimated for bags of years by humans to move appurtenances amid floors. While elevators were acclimated for abounding bags of years, the aboriginal commuter elevator was not invented until the average of the nineteenth century. Prior to this ...
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Western Shooting Today...

I have no real reason why but today I decided I wanted to do some Western Shooting, open sights, percussion caps, and full bore conicals.

I chose to use some Bloodline .500x325 gr. bullets. The bullets are slightly to small to fit the bore of the Ultra-Lite, so I do have to knurl them by hand to create enough lift on the bullet to have it hold in the barrel. But the best part is ...
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Re: cry for help haha

If you think BH209 is dirty try Pyrodex once then you will know what dirty is. T7 is better but will leave a crud ring and by the third shot you will not be able to seat bullet in the same spot more than once without a good swabbing. IMO the cleanest so far without a doubt has been BH209 remember this isn't smokeless.

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Re: hello...need some help

I'd start with the serial number, it should be on the barrel towards the action.
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Now! Hunting Season is really here!!!

I know the season started last month but it really has not been hunting weather.... It got cold once for a few days but other than that it has been like spring - shirt sleeve hunting weather....

But this morning things they are changing - it has been a long time coming. It started snowing about 45 minutes ago and the forecast is for more including 8-10" on Monday. Hope most of it is all ...
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