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Hang Fire

Hello Everyone,
First post here on this forum but I was wondering if someone could them me why I'm experiencing hang fires with my
Mountaineer using the full plastic jacket primer system & breech plug with BH209. When I change back to my bare primer breech plug this issue goes away. Whats the differences between the two systems they are both the same lengths same shape at the end where the powder is ignited from.The ...
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Chpt. #4 Sabotless - Failure

I really do really hate posting failures but since I started this I guess I need to...

Monday, I knurled up another set of Lehigh .500x350 grain bullets. I had decided I wanted to shoot them from my Knight Mountaineer with a Western Kit installed. I use #11 Mag or RWS 1075+ caps a NECG adjustable peep mounted on a Warne scope block.


One of the questions asked was if I would get the ...
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Chpt. #3 Sabotless Shooting

Thursday morning it looked like I was going to get some time to get to shoot, so I grabbed some of the .500x350 gr. Lehigh's and ran them between to files to knurl them. I am still trying to really perfect this process although I continue to think it does not have to be as precise as I thought it might need to be. When I do it - it is a pretty simple operation. ...
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.45, .50. or .52

Which caliber do you use? .45, .50, or .52? (Please keep this to inlines only)

Why did you choose that caliber?

Is there a reason that you like that caliber over the other two?

Have you seen a terminal performance improvement by comparison in the caliber that you chose?
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Scope mounts

Good day gentlemen...I have an Ultra-Lite on order and should ship out sometime this month.
My question is: Will all the mounts that fit a Remington 541 also fit the Ultra-Lite barrel contour?
I would like to use Leupolds' Quick-Release steel bases ... -541-2-pc/ and rings for my set-up.
Thanks in advance...
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Mountaineer recoil pad replacement

Does anyone know what size the Boyd's recoil pad is on a knight mountaineer thumbhole? Been having trouble getting ahold of Boyd's to figure this out.
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Ultra-Lite in the Rock Pit

This really could be tagged a non-sense post as I really wasn't doing anything - it was just a cooler day and I wanted to go shoot with no real purpose other enjoyment.

I started out head to the farm to shoot but when I got the there the darn farmer had park his harvest equipment right down the middle of the now stubble field that I shoot in... Plan 2 - I headed to ...
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Moutaineer in the Rock Pit

Really seems weird calling my Mountaineer the back-up gun for this hunting season, but the with the arrival of the Knight Ultra-Lite, the new Mountaineer has become the back-up, along with the fact that I have been selling other rifles that I no longer need. I really even need to start selling scopes that came off the displaced rifles.

Anyway according to the local forecast, the local weather is suppose to start warming to the ...
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Stuck Primers

I'm having extreme difficulty with my second Knight Mountaineer (bare primer configuration) . My load is the same for both rifles. 110 gr. BH 209, 300 gr. Harvester Scorpion and CCI 209M primers. I have to remove the bolt and darn near chisel out the primer after shooting a shot. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and hopefully have a remedy. I'm in a bind for an upcoming hunt. I have contacted the Knight gunsmith ...
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new mountaineer

Received my new Mountaineer (50cal TH grey)8/8/13. Put a Leupold 3x9x40 silver scope on it and have one beautiful gun! Only been to the range once with it so far. Started at 25yds to sight in and took 7shots to get a 1.25" 3 shot group at 100yds. Harvester Gold 300 gr with black crush sabots and 110 gr BH. Can't wait to get back to range and get 3 shot I hole group, which ...
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