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Mountaineer has Arrived

Well, my steal of a deal finally arrived today! For $300 I got a shadow gray laminate mountaineer with two breechplugs, no iron sights, breech wrench, and scope rings. Ditched the rings since I already had a scope with rings for her.

Gotta get some irons. I am a big fan of the fire sights. Cleaned her up when she arrived. Looks like someone fired a primer or maybe one shot without cleaning recently. Really ...
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Mountaineer Inbound!

Howdy All,

I just won a mountaineer on GB for a song! My Knight collection is growing too fast! .50 cal, shadow grey non th stock with rings and both a fpj and bare primer plug. Can't wait for it to arrive. Checked every avenue to avoid a scam. Seems it just never got any other bids than my initial one, so I guess I just got a good deal. Hopefully within a week she ...
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Full Plastic Jacket to Bare Primer

I'm thinking of getting a Mountaineer but can only find the Full Plastic Jacket Model here in Canada. What do I need to convert it to the bare primer model?
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Bolt disassembly?

I got my mountaineer and am trying to get to the range, if it ever quits raining!!

Is it necessary to disassemble the bolt (bare 209 primer) and clean if only firing BH209? What about the trigger group?

How do you disassemble the bolt, the manual is not that clear.

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Left Hand Mountaieer

Just received my Left Hand Thumbhole stock Mountaineer today. Cant wait to shoot it. Have many Knight muzzleloaders and have a LRH that has been my favorite for some time but I think this one will give it a run for the money! Hope you all have been out shooting!!

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will the williams peep work on a mountaineer?

Will the williams peep made for the bighorn/t-bolt/disc rifles fit the mountaineer?

Also what is the expected shipping/handling time on a Knight rifle?

Thanks and i'll post some pictures when it arrives and I get to the range.

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Knight Ultra-Lite in the Rock Pit

My Babe Ruth Baseball team lost a game last night 7-6... Today Sunday - I needed to go do something to let go - I went shooting!!!

We have a early season rifle/archery hunt that starts in mid August thru mid September. It is a cow elk, actually 'antlerless elk' hunt, and it is called the Green Field Season. Local farmers can submit a bill to the State for big game damage to crop fields, ...
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Mountaineer vs Disc Extreme

What are the differences? I was looking at them today at Scheels and all I could see was the Breech Plug and bolt. Am I right? If so Can I swap the bolt and bp into my Disc Extreme? Thanks for your reply.
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Knight ULite Shooting-Testing

Today was another testing day of sorts... I have never - ever trusted Quick Release Scope Mounts to maintain zero once removed and replaced. Well, I did that today, I removed the NECG Peep sight from the Warne (Weaver) scope block and replaced it with the scope.

The scope had been sighted in some time back but I took it off a couple of weeks ago and in re-installed the NECG Peep. Today I wanted ...
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Pacific Northwest Shooting

I have been wanting to go get some shooting for the last couple of days but the weather has not cooperated much at all. As many of you know in the PacNorthwest during ML season we must shoot with open sights. I am preparing this rifle for both rifle and ML season.

I needed to re-sight my Ultra-Lite back in with the NECG Peep sight installed on a Warne scope block. I had it sighted ...
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