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Black Powder Storage ; What is the answer?

I bought a couple guns, a slew of bullets, and several lbs. of various powders to stash away for my son when the S.H.T.F .I intended to vacuum seal everything to enhance longevity .
Then I read and heard that the powder will not last in storage , that it breaks down and gets weaker.
So, is there any definitive word on how long properly stored powder CAN last ?
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Red disc Mountaineer

Any one having ignition problems using a red disc mountaineer rifle with BH-209
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Knight American Knight powder/load

I am using triple 7 pellets in my American Knight. I am looking for input on the best amount of powder an weight of bullet in general and up to 150yards.
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50 Disc Extreme powder and bullet

new to ML hunting...hunted Deer the other day w borrowed gun and now I'm hooked. I live in Wa state and will mostly hunt whitetail...going to order Disc Extreme 50 w western ignition..need advise on powder and bullet combination to start out. Any other advise is greatly appreciated..thx
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white hot loads

I have an older model Knight MK 93--have converted it to a 209 primer ignition.was wondering if this 50 cal. can shoot white hot pellets ?Please advise..thanks..
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BH 209 Ignition Failure

I have had a series of hang fires with BH209 and CCI209M primers in my Long Range Hunter (50Cal). It only seems to happen when it is cold outside. When I work up my loads in September it fires everytime. When it gets below 40 degree outside I get hangfires. I had three in a row this muzzleloader season already. Any suggestions.
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Black MZ testing with 300 gr Scorpion and 460 grain No Excus

Can be seen on my "posts" under Bullets and Sabot section.
Hope this helps for your hunting needs
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Best primer for MK85 with Pyrodex Select powder

I have an old MK85 from the early 90s and have always used 100 gr of Pyrodex Select and some RWS-1075 primers that I think are German made. It shoots great and I have never had a misfire. I haven't been able to find the same ones. What are people using now. I am happy with how it works and don't want to change out the nipple or anything.

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Favorite Mountaineer Load

Just wondering what loads Mountaineer owners are using & what kind of accuracy you get?
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I just purchased and received the new Ultra-Lite M/L. I have spent a ton of time and money on other guns trying to develop the right powder/bullet combination. Could someone please recommend how much powder/pellets they are using for the Ultra-Lite and what type of bullets? Thank you so much. Pierce
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