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2F vs 3F pyro,777 powders in 50 cal guns

Ive been shooting the factory recomended load 90- 130 gr pyro P load data that came with this white gun,its been great over the years. Started shooting it in my encore as well, needed some pillar studs from TC for the gun.they asked what loads i was shooting out of it and i told them same as my white rifle Pyro P and the guy had a shit fit.told never shoot nothing smaller than 2F ...
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777 shelf life

I've had a bad experience with year-old triple 7. I'm using 95 grains with 295 grain bullet. I had a 50 yard shot at a deer the other day, and to make a long story short, it was hit in the front leg. (3 hours of tracking confirmed that) went to the target board and found that it was shooting 12 to 14 inches low. New powder put it back on zero. This powder was ...
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usak max powder charge

i just got a american knight rifle can anyone tell me the max load i can safely shoot through this gun, any help will be appreciated
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BH209 in Plunger models.

Ok so who has some success with this?

I have a much older 209 kit that I am using with BH209. Its fully enclosed like the pics at BH209 has on their website.

I get 100% reliable ignition with mine. But accuracy is sub par compared to my pyrodex loads. By sub par I mean 1.5 to 2.00 inch groups at 100 yards.

Nothing to sneeze at but my pryodex loads will get me below ...
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