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Mountaineer 50 CAL - 300 Yards

Group shot 11/28/2015

Had to go to 130 grains of blackhorn 209 before the group finally tightened up.
At 300 yards the bullet dropped 26 inches.
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New Turret

Continuing with the NOS SS 45 1:20 (as posted previously), went to the range today with the new Turret installed.
5 shots each target, no sighters or scope adjustments, 15 total shots.
100 & 200 were off a bench 300 was on the main range off x-sticks.
Nice day a little windy from right-to-left, maybe 10mph. Bench range certainly more protected from the wind. But, that like hunting.
Black circles on targets are 1moa x ...
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NOS Knight 45 1:20 First 12 shots

My teen age son and I were talking last night about the weekend and then turned toward shooting this weekend (I think he set me up). He asked if we could set up one of my 45's for him as he's been shooting a 40. I'm fortunate enough to have a few NOS still in the box 45 1:20 SS. So, last night we put a basic black T-hole stock I had (he thinks it ...
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In Line Match with Knight 1:20

Shot my Knight 1:20 in a local 'In-Line Hunters Challenge' match this past weekend.
Load: 85gr Swiss 2F, 530gr grease groove (Mold made by Paul Jones) pure lead bullet. Card wad between powder and bullet.
209 Rem primer with RPJ.
Distances 50, 100 & 200 yards.
Scroll up/down on photo
2014 ORSA ML 1.jpg
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Found the load

After a lot of trail and error I found what my Mountaineer likes the best. It was a very hot day near 90. Let barrel cool for 10-15 minutes in between shots. Distance was 100yds, loading 110g. Blackhorn, Crush Rib Harvester (black), 250g. Barnes T-EZ Flatbase. I had a good group with the just the sabot and bullet, but I also tried wrapping the bullet in very thin paper ( the kind that you might ...
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Knight 52cal LRH

Took the youngest daughter to the range today with her new 22LR and thought what the heck I drag the Knight 52cal LRH just to make sure she is getting it done and ready for Ohio this November....You bet she is!
Knight "Red Hots".475cal/375g(Barnes TSX)
Fed209A's(in a naked 209 BP)
First target 100 yards. First shot clean cold barrel landed on the left, 2nd shot was a follow up shot landed on the ...
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Knight LK-II


This was shot on a nice sunny day at 44 yards using an Knight Model LK-II 50 caliber rifle. The rifle has a 1-28 twist, a 22 inch barrel and mounted on the rifle is a Simmons 2.5x20mm Prosport scope. I have always said this is a very unappreciated rifle. They make a great stalking rifle. And for short range tree stand work, which is what I use it for, there could not be ...
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Testing a 45 Super DISC

Sqezer sent one of his 1-20 45 cal Knight Super DISC out west in the name of curiosity... my curiosity!!! :?

I have never shot a 1-20 and have always been sceptical of it because of the reputation that the 1-20 twist rifles built a few years back.

Up until now I was really happy with with my 1-30 twists and thought that maybe a 1-24/22 might ...
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Knight 45cal Super DISC @ the Farm

It was a lousy day to go shooting... it was cold, the wind was blowing briskly, and the field was muddy!

But, since any day shooting is a better day than working at home - I headed to the farm to continue my planned testing of the 1-20 twist rate in a 45 cal.

I have long thought that the failure of the 1-20 45 cal might be more related to the bullets being shot ...
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