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Scope and Mounts

I am looking to add a scope to my TK2000 for turkey hunting. Does anyone know which scope mount I will need? Also are there any recommmendations on a scope?
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2014 results

Old Smokie does it again! Third bird with my TK2000
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TK2K'O'ed a KY dbl longbeard

DATE: 4/27/14
TIME: 6:10 am
AMMO: 110 gr T-7 FFg, 2 oz lead #5 in a multi-metal wad
CALL & MAKER: MAD Aluminator pot used very sparingly
BEARD 1: 7"
BEARD 2: 10"
RIGHT SPUR: 13/16"
LEFT SPUR: 11/16"
WEIGHT: 25 lbs
RANGE: 42 yds
This gun is a turkey killing machine!!!
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Virginia Gobbler

The TK2000 did the trick at 35 yards flopped a big ole Virginia limb-shaker I purchased my TK2000 this spring and it's the only gun i'll ever turkey hunt with again very pleased....
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Basic setup and equipment?

I dont have a tk2000. After the reviews I wish I had the extra cash. I bought a CVA optima pro a while ago and could never get it to pattern worth a darn. So I put it up for a couple years. I am having trouble finding any info on these type guns and the exact set up that people are using.

I was running: 100 grains of triple 7, paper, 1 3/4 oz, ...
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TK 2000 Flat Out Works

Good week last week, two birds in 3 days of hunting. Without a doubt the most "fun" shotgun I own. Drives the auto guys "cravy" :lol:
Bang, smoke, flop ......toast. Enough said!

First Bird
Second Gob
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Patterning issues

Have a Tk that's being fussy. Already shoot several muzzle loading shotguns.
Need a recommended load and wad. Shooting an uncut wad and load that I use in my encore and getting poor results.
The above mentioned combo works very well out of my TC's and my Perdosoli doubles.
The knight wads work much better, just trying to understand why there is so much difference.
I did cut the wad and got slightly better performance, ...
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choke tube change

Exactly how do you change choke tubes in the TK2000 ? I bought a used model that didn't come with any instructions or tools? Advice on the best wrench to make this happen would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!
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Couple of loads I worked up last year

These are the 2 loads I worked up last year, and after extensive patterning, I wouldn't hesitate to drop the hammer on a bird at 50 yds with either load. I killed with the Hevishot load at 40 yds last year, and it put the bird down with authority.

Load 1

100 gr Shocky's Gold FF
LBC 50 Wad (slit with 4 petals to the next to last ring)
1 7/8 oz Hevi 7s
Foam ...
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Primer Conversion TK2000

Has anyone converted over to the 900045 breach plug. Not that the red jackets do not work well, easy to find when you reach into your pocket. Wondering if a 209 would be easier to install and remove (using a tool) with scoped ML.
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