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I have a T-bolt and the Manual that came with it! One of the guns in it is the Wolverine So if you are in need of the manual, I did scan it! and have it as a pdf. email me and I can send the complete thing. Gary
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Classic Wolverine comes through again!

Saw 8 deer in the morning but no shots. Good thing because when I fired my round after the hunt, NOTHING. Went back that night and shot this doe just a few minutes after 6 o'clock


Knight wolverine, 80 grains 777 and a 240 grain Precision Rifle Extreme Elite (pure lead) bullet.


I love muzzleloading and love the precision rifle bullets. Now off to chase a buck!
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New Barrel for LK-93 (Wolverine)

I've had this rifle for probably 10 years. I got stupid last year and left the powder/bullet in it after season THINKING I would shoot it then clean it up for use this year. That didn't happen so the barrel was quite rusty this year. Yeah, STUPID ME! I've cleaned it and oiled it now. The rifling still looks pretty good but I haven't shot it yet. Despite how it shoots, I'm thinking of buying ...
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american knight musket cap breech plug

how to convert from #11 to musket cap on a 50 usak american do i need a different breech plug
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#11 caps

I have my old Wolverine rifle, that I have not used for years. I set it up this year with my old load=100gr of pyrodex, pushing a 240gr sabot 45cal Hornady bullet. It shoots like a champ, and I get great groups. However, I would like to try the new 777 powder. Is it IMPERATIVE that I shoot the 209 shotgun primers with 777pellets?
Thanks for the help....
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Wolverine Load

Figured this might be of some help to others.

My Wolverine did not do well with 100gr Triple 7 (2) pellets. 3" group at 50 yards and 5" groups at 100 yards. Did not like either 250 or 300 grains sabots.
So I glass bedded the lug, just back of the lug and the back of the action. I switched to loose Triple 7 FFG.
Load: Tried both 80 and 90 grains FFG with a ...
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knight ???

Is there a difference in the wolvering and the LK-93 ??
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50 cal wolverine again, very accurate muzzle loader

Stated off doing some light doe in distress and then some doe grunts. 3 does came in and started walking around and this big 8 pointer was following them. 50 cal Knight Red Hot 240 grain sabot, dropped right in its tracks.
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wolverince at 82 yards and 122 yards

Got a large doe on Monday afternoon with my Knight Wolverine shooting Knight 240 grain sabots and 100 grains of Pyrodex Select. Then on Wendsday afternoon a 5 point buck at 122 yards. Great shooting rifle.
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i would like to change to a 209 primer on my wolverine muzzle loader does anyone have any parts list ?
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