please help me I beg you!

please help me I beg you!

Postby Indiana_man » June 9th, 2013, 5:33 pm

So I am deciding between a DISC extreme and a cva accura v2 and im wondering... does the 200 yard accuracy guarantee and any warranty still apply with a new rifle? Even though the company Is closed? Thanks for any help! Also, any suggestions for loads for this rifle would be extremely appreciated and a rating for this rifle out of ten stars:) thanks again!
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Re: please help me I beg you!

Postby sourdough44 » June 10th, 2013, 1:25 am

I'll take a Knight over a CVA any day. My buddies have various M-Ls & I've never desired to get an Omega or a CVA offering. They seem to be always fiddling to get it to shoot or load well, with mixed results.

1st off, add an 'Elite' to your radar, like an Extreme, no sights & usually slightly lighter. Nothing wrong with a 45 cal either. Start with a clean gun, that means new 'old stock' or from a guy who knows how to care for a used M-L. Many used ones have rust in the bore or around the bolt, breech area. You can check Gunbroker, Armslist & some of the forums classifieds.

Knight triggers are easily owner adjustable, set it where you like. I only shoot Blackhorn 209 in my Knights, standard hunting load is 120 grains with the 50 & 110 for the 45 cal. Just plinking at the range, 80 grains will do.

For hunting I usually use the Hornady SST or a Barnes bullet. You could always buy one of the new Knights. You do know Knight rifles is back up & operating? Making new M-Ls.

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Re: please help me I beg you!

Postby GADawg » August 7th, 2013, 7:58 pm

Very late to the show I know, but did you ever pick a Knight or CVA? Here goes for my opinion: I have shot muzzies since I was six so over two decades. I think TCs are nice, customs are decent, but I had never shot anything ML wise as accurate as my Disc Extreme. I have handled many CVAs and Traditions and they all feel.... Well... Manky. You will not find better finish or accuracy than Knight. I have a Mountaineer on the way, which from what I can tell is something of a Lincoln>Ford situation in the Knight stable.

If you just want a jump on deer season, you may be leery of forking out big cash for a ML. Totally understand. But if you want a lifetime rifle, and you love to shoot, I recommend a Knight. Plus, the company is reestablished, and not run by a big box board room now.

Happy hunting
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Accura V2 vs Mountaineer

Postby KWilliams » August 21st, 2013, 7:45 am

Last year I decided to hunt the ML season in Indiana. I purchased a CVA Accura V2. I struggled with extensive load testing to achieve 2" groups at 100 yards. I bought a Knight Mountaineer this spring. The CVA Accura V2 is now sold. My Mountaineer easily prints 1/2 MOA groups to 200 yds. Yes, that's under 1" center to center groups at 200 yards. My load is 77.0 gr. Blackhorn 209 (by weight), Harvester 300 gr. Scorpion Gold PT bullets, MMP-HPH-12 sabots, and CCI 209M primers. I will be taking ownership of a new Knight Mountaineer today. Not dissing CVA's but as a fussy precision shooter, I'm a Knight man. Good luck with your decision.
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Re: please help me I beg you!

Postby GMB54-120 » August 24th, 2013, 8:23 pm

I had an Accura V1 in 45cal simply because no one else sold a inline 45cal anymore. It shot pretty good and had a really nice trigger. Not much later i bought a DISC based rifle from Green Mountain Barrel and 2 more DISC based Knights. I got some bare primer conversions that were custom made at that time. Now he makes them for Knight only. My GMB 54 brush gun will clover leaf at 100 yards with several bullets and a max charge. My Accura groups would open up with any bullet and load of BH209 over 110gr and the barrel was much larger than my Elite 45 so i could not try a Harvester sabot. The Elite 45 was noticeably better with all loads and shot BH209 fine with a plain Win209 primer, no mag primer needed. I still don't use a mag primer in any of my bare primer Knights and ive never even had a hang fire.

Can you guess which rifle sat in the safe until i sold it?
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