Rock Pit Decision

Rock Pit Decision

Postby sabotloader » May 18th, 2014, 5:41 pm

Had another opportunity to get some shooting in today (High School Softball season is over), I took me awhile to figure out what rifle I was going to shoot, but in the end I decided on taking my reclaimed 45 Knight DISC Extreme to the shoot. This is a 1-30 twist DISC that I have been working with after purchasing online. For my part it turned out to be a very good purchase. When I bought it I was after the thumbhole stock that the rifle came with.

I remove the stock and sent it down to the Big Dipper in Lewiston - I wanted a Winter Camo TH to put on the Knight Ulite that I hunt with during elk season.



After checking the 45 rifle out, I decided heck! this was a good looking gun and even though it had some minor pitting it might make a good shooter. I had a really nice old fashioned wood stock in the back room that was unfilled so I put the barreled action in it - I like it reminds me of the good old days of wood and blued rifles...


When I got to the rock pit I set my portable bench up got the work bench set up and walked 7 birds to the rock wall. The first two shots went really well.. I just have to remember this rifle is set up for a zero of 200 yards. The scope on the rifle is a Leupold Ultimate Slam, so at a 100 yards I need to place the top of the center circle @ six o'clock on the bottom of the bird. After I shot the first 2 of 7 another pickup showed up with a group of guys that were going to shoot also. They watched me shoot a couple of more and then a conversation was struck up between us. They were trying to be nice to me and tell me that the rifle I am shooting was not legal for ML season in Idaho. Finally all that came out and I indicated to them that I only use ML's for hunting now and this is one that I would use during 'rifle deer season'. That peaked their interest and the next thing I knew I was offering to let them shoot it. Next thing I knew the remaining three birds were gone and we set up another 6 birds - which the 4 guys shot as well. They were really pumped how easy it was - I think the 'hook' was in but I am not sure it was set! Anyway after all this I packed up and headed east on my mission looking for elk or ground squirrels. It was a great drive through the back country and out to the Elk River Highway.

This is the shot - 100+ yards to the rock wall..


This was the first set up birds that I was enjoying the morning with...


Did not get a picture of the second setup - to much talking and shooting going on...

But it was a fun day + plus I drove through some of my old work areas that I have not been in since 2004...

Also since these strangers can shoot it as well as I can I figure it must be good- so I am going to use it for the first part of the rifle deer season here in Idaho...
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Re: Rock Pit Decision

Postby elmickelson » December 9th, 2015, 10:20 am

hello Sabotloader, I just ordered the new 50 disc extreme for hunting Deer and elk in Washington..we can use sabots here...any suggestions on bullit/powder loads to start out with.THX
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