Shooting Elk Hearts in the Rock Pit

Shooting Elk Hearts in the Rock Pit

Postby sabotloader » February 22nd, 2014, 9:18 pm

Saturday - normally a day off for me from coaching softball - I finished some chores early this morning and then collected things to go shoot. I thought the Farm would be to muddy so decided to head to the Rock Pit. I was happy with the snow in the rock pit even though the temperature was really crispy.

Also with the talk about a 'fast twist' 45 and since I have not shot it since early hunting season I grabbed the Knight Super DISC as the rifle of the day. Also changed up a little bit from what I normally do and decided not to shoot Bloodlines. Grouse has been conducting multiple tests to show that the fast twist is viable with most any projectile. I have been doing the same thing and today I thought I would shoot some other projectiles. Both of the bullets I chose to shoot are really excellent deer getters - and I have know doubt about their ability to work.

Bullet #1 was a Nosler 40x200 grain - Sporting Handgun:

Look for the bullet specs at the bottom of the page.

Bullet #2 was a Speer 40x180 grain Gold Dot ... spx?id=185

The rifle, sabot, primer, and the powder charge remained the same for the entire shoot:

Rifle: Knight Super DISC 45 cal. 1-20 Twist
Powder: 120 grains Triple Seven - 2f
Primer: Winchester W209
Sabot: MMP 40x45 Light Tan

I did collect sabots from the ground to check for stress and in one of the pictures you can see the recovered sabots. They were not much worse for the wear, so the sabot did hold up in the 1-20 which does create a tremendous rotational torque on the polymer sabot.

Accuracy was all-in. Shooting the 100 yard 'elk hearts' was not really a problem at all - 12 shots 12 hearts. Out of boredom I also shoot chips of the remains. One of the birds was a dead center hit and that one was fun to find.

The search goes on as to why companies do not offer the fast twist 45. With the polymer formulations both by MMP and Harvesters - they do work

Here is a composite of the shoot..

Keep on Shooting Muzzleloaders - They are a blast
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