Ultra-Lite in the Rock Pit

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Ultra-Lite in the Rock Pit

Postby sabotloader » September 10th, 2013, 12:49 pm

This really could be tagged a non-sense post as I really wasn't doing anything - it was just a cooler day and I wanted to go shoot with no real purpose other enjoyment.

I started out head to the farm to shoot but when I got the there the darn farmer had park his harvest equipment right down the middle of the now stubble field that I shoot in... Plan 2 - I headed to the Rock Pit which is much further out of town and by the time I got there it was warming quickly...

But, what the heck I am here. So I set everything up and walked a set of birds to the other end of the Rock Pit. But before I shot the ML I really wanted to shoot another one of my new acquisitions. A month or so ago I purchase a Sig Sauer 40 S&W P226. I had a 9 S&W M&P that I traded for it + a hunk of change, but I really do like the feel and build of the Sig. It also came with a 357 Sig barrel, which at the time really did not impress me at all. But since then I looked at the ballistics of the 357 Sig and will switch to that barrel as soon as I shoot the bulk of the 40's that I have. My ability to shoot a pistol needs a lot of work - so I will skip the results of that. But I am getting better :D

After shooting the Sig - I loaded up the Ulite and started on the birds. I often remember Dave talking about how boring shooting some of his really good rifles is, well today with no real testing in mind just shooting it was one of those days - load and shoot - no real challenge at all. Seems almost like a waste of powder and bullets... But still I feel better... Hunting season is coming - now if the weather would just cooperate.

Here are some pics of the outing....


Going elk scouting next week hope to have some pictures to share of that also...

Hope everybody had a good day....
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Re: Ultra-Lite in the Rock Pit

Postby RGJZ06 » November 13th, 2013, 1:21 pm

I just received the green stocked version of the ULite right before my hunting trip, (bow). Took her out of the box and surprise, it's really lite. I know it should be but it just felt good holding something this nice. I didn't see one in person before I bought one. I'm very impressed with how well it's built and it's feel. Now it's on to picking out a scope and mounts/rings for it. If it shoots anything like my other Knights it shout be another winner. I plan on using it for Ohio's late ML season. This gun will need to be dialed it, powder charge, bullet weight, etc. any input would be helpful on where to start. I mostly use BH209 and Barnes BTHP's but will try almost any sabot/bullet combo. Thanks in advance..


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