Visible Impact Results

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Visible Impact Results

Postby sabotloader » March 2nd, 2017, 3:45 pm

Tuesday was an excellent day to get out to shoot.

I have not been able to shoot at the farm since the great warm and the thought that winter might be over... but with the warm up and the melting snow the fields at the farm have become a muddy quagmire walking on them became walking in mud to your ankles. Sunday and Monday winter made another appearance dropping 6+ inches of snow back on the fields. They were still muddy and spongy but with the snow you could walk on them again with bogging down.

So Tuesday afternoon wit the temps in the mid 30's - I loaded up and headed out. The purpose of the trip was to complete the sight in of this new-to-me Knight Super DISC 45 FT. When I got to the farm I set up a 100 shooting targets including a paper target...


It really was a great day to get some shooting...

The shooting part went well... The first two shots of the morning into the paper target confirmed I was right at the 3" PBR I was looking for.


This pic shows more clips...


BUT!!! and this is the part I really want to discuss - Bullet Impact Results....

Look carefully at the impact marks behind the target and a couple behind the broken birds... I was shooting to bullet yesterday. One was a Nosler 40x200 grain and the other was the 'intended to use bullet' the Lehigh 40x230 grain. What intrigued me was the impact differences between the two bullets.

The Nosler is a good bullet, accurate and it certainly will harvest deer well - I can attest to that. But what it did on impact with the mud under the snow and what the Lehigh did is night and day difference.

This picture shows the impact channel in the snow where the bullet first hits - then when it hit the wet Palouse soil the bullet does it's thing. The nose open up and the petals are shed - just as they are in the internals of an animal. As in the wet soil in this picture you get the same disruption in the internal organ of the animal.


To further test my thoughts and to continue shooting I loaded up and found 'targets of opportunity' - basically tuffs of stubble with their heads up through the snow. These targets were also in the 100 yard range area.

The first two shots were shot shooting the Nosler - the next two shots were with the Lehigh

This picture shows the results of the two Nosler shots on stubble.


This picture shows the impact of the Lehigh on a stubble shot


This whole thing proved to be interesting to me and also shows me why the Lehigh works so well on game.
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