It was no Contest - but a fun day

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It was no Contest - but a fun day

Postby sabotloader » January 18th, 2013, 7:26 pm

Finally got some extra time today - so I decided to head to the farm.

I am in the middle of testing a new bullet and really wanted to get some chrono numbers for the bullet and the load I was using.

Accuracy is no longer a concern, I have shot the bullet from 4 different rifles and acuracy is not a problem. I have shot the bullet with same type MMP sabot from all 4 f the rifles, two whites, a UMag and a White G-Series plus 2 different Knight rifles. Todays shoot with a Knight Super DISC was a repeat performance for it.

I had a small window to get this down so I grabbed everything, stuffed it in the truck and headed out to the Farm.

It was 25* here in town and very little wind. The Farm is only 7 miles from Moscow - so I felt the weather conditions would be alright. I was some what wrong... The wind was really blowing out there and of course that made it feel a lot colder.

Got to farm and began setting things up - guess what no chrono!!!! so that plan was in the trash. I will just get the information later.

I did setup a target shooting range, I am not that keen on shooting paper anymore once the gun is sighted in so I put the birds out. They break when you shoot them - instant feeling of success!

The gun I was shooting with had already been sighted in with the same 120 grain load of T7 but a bullet of different weight. I decided to shoot it as if the gun were sighted with it.

The shoot was a success - well, a success for me...

Hopefully the following pictures can show you the results I saw...

Keep on Shooting Muzzleloaders - They are a blast

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