Western Ultra Lite @ the Farm

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Western Ultra Lite @ the Farm

Postby sabotloader » March 22nd, 2013, 5:27 pm

We were having one of those early spring days this morning... and I really wanted to shoot this new rifle. It was kind of cool, right around freezing, spitting snow on and off - then bright sun for awhile and back to snow.

Thought might as well try - so grabbed the new Ultra-Lite and headed to the farm.

I decided to shoot just a plain jane load for sighting in, a .458-275 grain Bloodline, which I consider one of the best all-around bullets made, 110 grains of T7 and this morning I used 2f, normally with cap ignition I use 3f.

This bullet and load would normally be my go to load or I might switch the bullet to a 300 grain bullet for elk. I really wanted to see if the rifle would handle this combination. I really do not do much load development, with a Knight I really have not bothered, I want the rifle to shoot accurately what I want to shoot and with cap ignition the 110 grain load is what I choose to shoot.

I got to the farm right at the tail end of a sun break and by the time I got set up it was snowing fairly decently - so I just waited it out.

When it cleared I began the sight in process with the NECG peep sight. It had been laser bore sighted at home and I felt I would be really close.

These are the first 9 shots out of the box brand new rifle.


After shooting and looking at shots 1&2 - I thought I was pretty darn good! Actually the rifle was pretty darn good! Shot #3 - I worked hard to get the same sight picture, same pull on the trigger and dang! it did not touch either 1 or 2.

For group # 2 - I adjusted the elevation up what I thought would be 1.5 -to 2" and right about an 1". I hate slide and glide sights but the directions with the sight seemed pretty specific - so I adjusted the elevation accordingly guessing how far to turn the control screw. Then I moved the windage screws which is a combination of three screws - but you can see I went the wrong direction. Looked at the directions and found I was suppose to go clockwise - moved the sight back where it was and added a full turn on the two set screws.

To check the shot I then moved the target back to 50 and got three shots in and then the snows came again!

Got these pictures that I wanted to share also...


I continue to believe that this might be the best rifle that Knight has ever offered. With its ability to apparently shoot accurately and the big one for me is the versatility that it will offer me for the two seasons that I hunt here in Idaho. One rifle for modern rifle season and cap ignition, open sight gun that I can use in our short ML season.

So at this point and for now - CONGRATS - Knight...
Keep on Shooting Muzzleloaders - They are a blast

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